- About wearing walking shoes and boots: Although your good old sandals are fantastically comfortable and you love them, they are unfortunately not safe for walking in the countryside on dirt tracks and stony paths as they offer no ankle support. Walking on paved surfaces is very different from hiking on forest or mountain paths and tracks: uneven surface is much more tiring for the ankle and the sole. Dirt getting into open sandals will make you very uncomfortable even after an hour and may cause blisters. In June, July and August especially, there are a host of prickly plants in the mountains which can make a snadal-wearing walker yell "ouch" every few seconds, which seems like a cruel punishment on a holiday!

Walking shoes are the minimum you should consider wearing and walking boots will give you better protection from stony surfaces. New walking shoes or boots should be worn for a couple of weeks before you set off on a longer walk - although nowadays good brands of footwear require no "breaking in", still you need to see if you´re comfortable and there is no rubbing or wobbling.

Socks deserve attention! we often ignore the poor old socks and they can make a big difference between tired, sweaty, blistered feet and feet that are dry and well protected. It is worth investing in good quality walking socks and they should be long enough to protect the ankle from the edge of your boots.

Apply and reapply sunscreen. The sun in Andalucía can be dangerous even on a relatively cloudy day and you don´t want a burn to spoil your lovely walk. With a cool breeze up in the sierras you may not feel the burn and ignore it - but it will be there when you get back home. Please wear a hat for the same reasons.
Long trousers are advised. The nicest walks are also the most remote ones - and plant life sometimes takes over the paths. You may end up brushing against thistles, hawthorn and brambles.

Enough water is essential. Better to have too much than not enough.  Additional water will be provided but please carry1 liter to start with.

Walking poles are always a good idea, especially if you are accustomed to using them most of the time. I always have extra walking poles available if that´s the case.


All walks are 40 euros per person (tax included) with minimum of 2 people.  Each additional person +10 euros. Kids go free - up to 14 yrs old. Please advise about children joining us in advance. 

 The groups are small (2-8 people) but please email me for conditions for bigger groups, company outings or family reunions) I keep wildlife-oriented groups small so that we can all enjoy nature and the quiet of the countryside in an intimate way. Discounts and offers are available depending on booking situation.

Birdwatching trips - visiting different habitats to enjoy and observe the birdlife of the area: 45 euros per person, each additional person +20 euros. Includes use of binoculars and telescope.

No deposit is necessary, bank transfer is possible though at the moment credit cards are not accepted. Companies are welcome to request a detailed bill for their business.

Price includes taxes, insurance, guiding (navigation, birdwatching, botany, folklore and history) and the use of specialist guides and binoculars rental.

 Food is excluded and not provided. I carry energy bars and water but please remember to bring your sandwiches with you. 

Couples: please let me know if you´d like your walk to be exclusive or if the walk is a gift for a birthday or an anniversary.

Solo walkers are welcome to contact me for current availability of joining a group or possibility of solo walking.