The Editorial La Serranía is a small publisher and their books are produced with a lot of love and dedication, resulting in superior quality of the writing, photographs and print. The authors are local and passionate about their areas of expertise, be it birds, walking or plants. The books are increasingly popular amongst people who want beautiful publications with striking photographs which will, at the same time, let you discover an intimate side of Andalucía where  local writers can guide you best, sharing their insider knowledge of wildlife, walking and well-guarded secrets as well as the passion for life and sense of humor so indigenous to the South of Spain.

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Right on the westernmost border of the Sierra Morena in Andalusia, only one-and-a-half hours from Doñana, lies the vast area called Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche (Huelva province). Its 300,000 hectares take in several different sorts of Mediterranean landscape, such as rivers fringed with Oleander and Bushweed, leafy oakwoods, Mediterranean heaths, its trademark Chestnut woods, well-conserved riverside copses and vast dehesas that serve as perfect examples of what we call today the “sustainable use” of our natural resources.
Nature lovers are spoilt for choice in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche. Ideally we should just relax and give our curiosity free rein, trying to learn from every experience that might come along, ranging from the tiny file of ants marching along the forest floor to the huge Cinereous Vulture soaring overhead. 

Other fascinating sights and sounds await us round every corner, like the sinister beauty of the Fly Agaric, the intricate blooms of orchids, the mantises and their lethal embrace, the night-time choirs of frogs and toads, a fleeting Mongoose flashing by, millenary rocks weathered to incredible smoothness, the delicately tumbling leaves of a Chestnut Tree in autumn, the staggering beauty and power of the Nightingale’s song in spring.

This book, designed to be useful both for expert naturalists and rank beginners, pools 17 nature-watching outings of different types (car rides, walks, family-friendly strolls and fixed lookout points) and different degrees of difficulty. Between them all they usher us into the wonderland of wildlife, unspoilt countryside and local traditions that is Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, including such standout species as the Black Stork, the White-Rumped Swift, the Iberian Chiffchaff, the Rufous-Tailed Scrub Robin, the Short-Toed Eagle, the Portuguese Helleborine, the Spanish Funnel-web Spider and even some endemic freshwater fish species.

With this work, the publisher Editorial La Serranía inaugurates the collection of guidebooks titled “Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena”. In this collection a total of four titles in Spanish and four more in English will be published in the following months, namely the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche; the Northern Campiña of Jaen; the Cordoban Sierra Morena and the Sierra Morena of Seville. These eight volumes, together with the two books that have already been published on the Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de Huétor, as well as the books on Fuente de Piedra and the Sierra de las Nieves to which the final touches are being put, will mean that in a few months the Ronda publisher will boast a total of 15 titles on Andalucían ornithology.

Title: Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena. Andalusia. 1. Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche
Author: Rafael Romero Porrino
Publisher: La Serranía
ISBN: 978-84-15030-32-4
Pages: 272 to any color
Format: 14×21 cm
Binding: rustic, with lapels
Price: 15 Euros
Date of publicacion: July, 2010

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Situated strategically at the southern tip of Europe, the province of Malaga plays an exceptional ecological role, owing, amongst other factors, to its closeness to the African coast and to the climatic influence of the Atlantic. If we take into account other parameters, such as the complexity of its formation and geology, we begin to understand the importance of its natural heritage, one that could be compared to that of a continent in miniature.

The territory of the Malaga province covers an area of 7,306 km2, making it the smallest in Andalusia. It is naturally divided into five different areas: the Serrania de Ronda, the Guadalhorce Valley, the Costa del Sol, the campiña de Antequera and the Axarquia. Each of these is home to numerous natural treasures, most of which are under the auspices of RENPA [network of protected natural areas of Andalusia]. This guide aims to make known those places where the most significant monuments, reserves, landscapes and Natural Parks of the province can be found. To this end the we have chosen 25 routes which, in our opinion, are the best introduction to these spaces. Though this is, undoubtedly, a purely subjective selection, we are sure that they provide a good general vision of the natural wealth of the Malaga province.


Title: The 25 Best Routhes in the Protected Natural Areas of the Province of Malaga
Rafael Flores Domínguez
La Serranía
Pages: 256 to any color
Format: 17×24 cm
Binding: rustic, with lapels
Price: 15 Euros
Date of publicacion: October, 2010

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Despeñaperros Pass is an open gateway to any traveller who wishes to explore Sierra Morena de Jaén. Across this threshold lie thousands of hectares of Mediterranean woodland and scrub, Holm-Oak and Cork-Oak woods, vast pinewoods, rivers fringed by Oleander bushes and dense riparian woodland, hills and knolls dotted with round granite outcrops and gashed by cliffs, dehesas where fighting bulls graze, groves where silvery-foliaged Olives grow and fertile farmland washed by the great Guadalquivir.
This natural scenario of serried sierras, gorges and plains stages a fascinating daily show of life in Mediterranean ecosystems. In its unspoilt wilderness, far from the madding crowd, the Iberian Lynx slinks through the undergrowth in search of prey, Spanish Imperial Eagles patrol the skies with their barking cries, Andalusia’s last lingering wolf packs prowl, White-Rumped Swifts search out mud nests to hijack for their own clutch, huge Cinereous Vultures ride the thermals, Iberian Midwife Toads sing in melancholy choirs, Andalusian Barbels swim up the crystal-clear rivers to reach their spawning grounds, Little Bustards strut with puffed-out necks to woo their mates in crop- and fallow-fields, Great Spotted Cuckoos terrorise their press-ganged Magpie hosts, endemic plants like Digitalis mariana or Centaurea citricolor bedeck the ground and banks, Black-Shouldered Kites hover feather-light over olive groves and grassland, Purple Swamphens add a dash of colour to reedmace beds while Rollers add their own blaze of blue to the farmland…
The book compiles 15 nature-watching outings of different types (car drives, hikes, family-friendly strolls and fixed lookout points) and different degrees of difficulty, designed for expert naturalists or beginning birders. These trails between them will give us a good idea of this surprising district, one of the most species-rich areas in the whole of Iberia.
Title: Birding and Nature Trails in Sierra Morena. Andalusia: 2. Sierra Morena de Jaén
Autor: Rafael Romero Porrino
Publisher: La Serranía
ISBN: 978-84-15030-39-3
Pages: 232 to any color
Format: 14×21 cm
Binding: rustic, with lapels
15 Euros
Date of publicacion: November, 2011
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