Griffon Vulture and a deflated pig. Photo: Eva Bratek
Egyptian Vulture photo thanks to Juan Luís Muñoz


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 Discover Andalucia Guided Walking Holidays

 Flower Weeks in the Sierra de Grazalema

06-13 April 2013, 18-25 May 2013

"Wonderful place .. amazing scenery and great walks with some close encounters with Griffon Vultures.  Relaxed village life with good food ... and Clive relating his tales of everyday Grazalema." David Wolverson, June 2012
"We had a great time ... we enjoyed the walks and the weather!"  Cliff Rodgers, October 2012


Holiday Highlights

  • Guided single centre walking
  • Small friendly groups
  • Accommodation in charming rural hotel in an Andalucian white village
  • A programme of guided walks in the spectacular Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park
  • Excellent regional gastronomy
  • Experienced guide - walk with author & ornithologist Eva Bratek

What's Included?

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • 7 breakfasts, 5 picnic lunches, 6 dinners including wine
  • A full programme of walks
  • Any transport to and from walks

Sample Walk:

 1. Grazalema - Puerto de Boyar - Puerto de las Presillas –  Grazalema  (Circular)

Male Spanish Ibex photo thanks to Clive Muir
This is an excellent walk for spotting the Spanish Ibex - the wild mountain goats which roam the high peaks of Sierra de Grazalema. In spring the Ibex babies are born and very soon they start following their mothers hopping from rock to rock. The walk takes you into the mountains and surprises you with splendid views without your needing to climb high mountain peaks. In March, April and May the migratory birds come back from Africa to their breeding grounds in Europe; the Short-toed and Booted Eagle, the lovely colourful Bee-eater, a wide variety of warblers, the Nightingale and many others. This walk is particularly interesting for botanists, especially wild orchid enthusiasts. Sawfly, Woodcock and Lizard orchids, among many other species, can be found along this path. The final part of the walk takes you through the white-washed village streets and ends at the Grazalema Information Centre.

Time: 5 hours including wildlife stops and a snack break. Surface: a well-defined, rocky path and a comfortable forest path.
Start and finish of the walk: Grazalema Information Centre  
Total time of the outing: 5 hours

                GUIDED WALKS WITH EVA: 



Andalucían landscapes and wildlife have been bringing pleasure to visitors for decades. South of Spain and especially interior Andalucia holds many wonders and surprises. The "real Spain" as many of my customers say, has little to do with beach resorts or whirlwind tours of Andalucían cities. 

The "pueblos blancos" where time seems to slow down, the open fields, cork-oak forests where cork is harvested by hand and carried by donkeys, the fields of wildflowers and finally the mountains are the places that one finds hard to forget and sometimes hard to leave. 

Based on 15 years of walking in Andalucía I believe that being at one with nature (not at two with nature as Woody Allen once said) while walking is more important to majority of visitors to Spain, instead of just covering the kilometers and hiking as a sport.

How can this be achieved? A good guidebook and a map are a start. Also, there are several excellent publications about wildlife in Spain which you can read before and during your visit and get to know the European Bee-eater or the Sawfly Orchid. Then you pick your walk, take your time to look at the landscapes and enjoy the feeling of being outside, listening, smelling and looking at new things.

Where do I come in as a guide then, you may ask. Anyone who has walked in Andalucía will know that although there are walks which have no navigational issues and are well marked with clear paths, there are hundreds of wonderful routes which have not been described at all in any hiking guides or description is not available in English; many are not waymarked. These also tend to be the more isolated walks where it is much easier to be "at one with nature" and not meet another bipedal creature for miles.

Guides who lead nature walks have their favourite spots and know where to expect a certain bird, plant or a mammal. This makes seeing something special much more likely.

Look up! Someone is watching you...Spanish Ibex

Not having to worry about navigation eliminates the slight unease anyone feels when being in unknown territory. No chance of getting lost will help you plan your day - you won´t be late for dinner.

No need to carry lots of equipment, guidebooks, map or GPS - your hands and your mind will be free to take photographs or to just "be".

All the questions you´ve always had about Andalucía can be answered: how often is the cork tree stripped?  What exactly is the process of curing Spanish serrano ham? How many kinds of "gazpacho" are there? Do Griffon vultures eat an occasional rabbit or a small hiker? What is that red fruit on the tree?

And finally: sharing nature is a pleasure. It´s contageous and it´s exhilarating, it´s healthy and it´s worthwile, no matter what your age or nationality, it´s a common language possibly easiest to learn. Let´s meet in the fields and the mountains to speak this special language and enjoy the day.

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Your intrepid guide

"I thoroughly enjoyed the trip - for us as novices and not being particularly fit, the level of difficulty was just right. You were aware of our needs and were able to guide us to some lovely spots, improving our knowledge step-by-step , rather than confusing us with too much detailed birding info".
L and B. M., Littlehampton, U.K. 

"I would like to thank you again for the lovely hike you organised for us! 
I was afraid the hike would get drowned in that bad weather, but I had a lovely day thanks to your guidance. 
Great panoramic views in the sun, a herd of ibex within the first 5 minutes - thanks for pointing them out Eva I would not have spotted them myself... And the walk was enriched by the stories and explanations you gave us, plus the good advice about the tapas - thank you Tony!" 
Fédérique Harmsze, Holland

"Appreciated your knowledge beyond merely the viewing of flowers,birds and animals and willingness to give additional information"  
D.J Hides, Sheffield, UK